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About Me:
I graduated with a BS in Excercise and Movement Science with a Minor in Health and Drivers Education from William Paterson University and a Masters in Adventure Education from Plymouth State University. 
I was the Head Girls and Boys Tennis Coach for Lenape Valley for 11 seasons and have won several conference championships in that time. In my spare time I like to play Golf, spend time with family and friends, and root on my favorite sports teams, the Steelers and Yankees! I hope to bring the love of sports and lessons it has taught me in life about character and dedication to each of my students and players.
Welcome to the Classroom of

Ms. Reid

Instruction in Physical Education and Health and Safety Education focuses upon personal wellness as its organizing theme.  The Physical Education instruction includes knowledge of the principles and practices of physical fitness, skill development in individual and team sports, planning of lifetime leisure and recreational participation, development of kinesthetic problem solving strategies. 

This course focuses on increasing each student’s knowledge about the physical, social, emotional,  and intellectual aspects of health and wellness. Students will identify and practice critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, and communication skills to

enhance their ability to take responsibility for their own health.

This course will outline the responsibilities of driving and prepare students for obtaining their drivers permit/license.

Students will evaluate health information and learn to access resources to promote their character development, self-advocacy skills and personal wellness. 

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